2021/22 Budget Summary

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Low and Middle income tax offset

  • The government has announced they will retain the LMITO for another year meaning that if you have earned less than $126,000 you will be eligible for an offset of up to $1080.

Increase of the Medicare levy thresholds for low-income earners.

  • The government will increase the threshold for all low-income earning groups.
  • Singles will now be $23,226.
  • Families will now be $39,167.
  • Single seniors will now be $36,705.
  • Family for seniors will now be $51,904.
  • Each dependent child or student will now add $3597.

Tax Residency.

  • The government has announced it will implement a primary test to determine tax residency. It will now apply a direct test of being physical present in Australia for 183 days a year.
  • If this test is failed it will then apply secondary tests which have been adjusted to be an object criteria.

Business Taxpayers

Temporary full expensing extension

  • The government has announced that business with an aggregated turnover of < 5 billion will be able to expense depreciable assets (up to the limit) purchased and ready for use by 30 June 2023.

Temporary loss carry-back extension

  • The loss carry back measure will be extended to be allow businesses who have made a loss in the 2020-2023 income tax years to claim an a tax offset back to the 19-22 tax years. If a loss has been made, it can offset previous years gains to gain a refund. This can be done if the loss is not more than the earlier taxed profit.
  • Companies can still opt to carry losses forward.

Superannuation Changes

Removing the work test for voluntary contributions

  • The government has announced that they will allow individuals aged 67-74 to make or receive non-concessional contributions without meeting the work test.

Reducing the age limit for downsizer contributions

  • The government will reduce the age limit for downsizers from 65 to 60 to make contributions